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Daily Lists For Reality Creation

A number of writers on manifestation, abundance and reality creation have made the suggestion of using daily lists to help you focus on what you want, rather than on what you don’t want. It harnesses the imagination. Catherine Ponder noted that in her abundance classes those who made the practice of writing a daily list of goals and intentions manifested them more quickly than those who did not. She also found it a wonderfully soothing practice which she carried out morning and evening herself. It helped her to organize her thoughts and to focus on what was important and essential. Her way of writing lists was to write them out in the present tense – such as. ‘ I now have the job of my dreams and am making fabulous money doing what I love.’ You can make the lists as long or as short as you like depending on how you feel and what seems important and essential at the time.

Another writer – Frederick Dodson makes the same suggestion in his book ‘Parallel Universes Of Self’. He invites the reader to make daily lists of everything that you want to have happen in a day. It can be practical such as getting certain tasks done, or way out, big or small. The one thing he stresses is that you let go of any expectation that these things happen – you don’t keep looking around to see if they are manifesting – just let go after you have them on paper or computer screen. He also suggests that you write them in the past tense as though they have happened already – which is different from Catherine Ponder above. But both stress that doing this daily as it helps you to invest your attention in what you want and on the more fulfilled life rather than the repetitive life.

You can also create visual lists which I’ll go into in my next post with tips on how to create a pictorial slide show that you can add to or delete from daily.